Here I announce the advent and departure of Christ, Christ of this era.

While many of you are still waiting for Christ to come, we have already seen her, taught by her, and followed her, and now she was gone. I know it sounds weired but it is true. How can Christ comes without being noticed by the media? Remember the apostles of Christ predicted that Christ would come again like a thief at night. Just as many artists were made known only after their departures so is Christ to the world. Christ is repected, worshipped and loved by us after we no longer find her. The most valuable things are that which you can no long find. Jesus' situation was such an example. I will explain why Christ is a female somewhere else in this site.

"Whenever there is decay of righteousness... and there is exaltation of unrighteousness, then I Myself come forth... for the destruction of evil-doers, for the sake of firmly establishing righteousness, I am born from age to age." --- KRISHNA- Bhagavad Gita- fourth discourse

The above Hindu scripture Bhagavad Gita tells us that God is born in this world as a human being from time to time. When Christ comes, she is protected by false christs. A great number of false christs are present in the world to hide the true Christ, even though they do not konw that is their job. Is was said that in the Twentieth Century there were one thousand poeple who declared themselves christs. They by their presence created an illusion to make the world very difficult to locate the only true Christ among these one thousand and one people. This gave the true Christ a lot of freedom without catching attentions from the media. The world did not notice her advent. She was able to walk on the street and nobody knows her true identity. She could do whatever she already planned without interferences. Thank to the protections that false christs created for the true Christ.

You might think that this is just a web site of religious organization among the internet ocean which boasts about its guru. I know there are many, many religious organizations in the world. This great number of religious organiztions really confuse the world. Which ones among them hold the truth? Which chirst in all these organizations is the real one? Is is hard to find out. Is is hard does not mean it is impossible. It takes time. After you have visited many religious sites and finally you came here, this is the chance for you to find knowledge from heaven.

I did not intend to write an introduction or a comment. Because I want visitors to concentrate only on Christ's writings, not mine. But I found that visitors did not understand what Christ wants us to know, or that visitors did not think they are important. Finally I think it is still important to write an introduction.

Heaven knew that what would happen in our world, and that what would human being behave when they face the things which would soon be happening to them. Heaven also knew that some of the human being would make correct decisions when they face all these things, and that some would make wrong decisions. This is not good. Everyone should know how the game is played, otherwise it is not fair. If a person was put to hell because he or she did not know what God wanted, that is too bad. So Heaven is responsible to reveal how the game is played before anyone starts playing. The rules are already told Bible, in both the old and new testaments. But there are problems here. Bible was written long long time ago, with a lot of translations, do we really know Bible one hundred percents? Human being have became more advanced for the last two thouand years, and still advancing. We want to know more about the world and universe and Bible along enough.

Recall what is said in Bhagavad Gita above. It was time for Heaven to send a representive to the Earth. Not an angel, but the highest one in Heaven was sent, the king of Heaven. The king of Heaven is a copy of the supreme God, just like God. He received authorities and power from God. God assigns him the jobs to manage a solar system. He is also the king of a solar system.

The king of Heaven can exist without a human form, but still he was born in Heaven, having an angel body. Before he came to our world, he put aside his angel body. A angel body lives forever. That angel body went into sleeping state and had been being taken care by angels before he came back to Heaven. Shortly after World War Two, when the Jew were busy returning to their home land, the soul of the king of Heaven left his angel body, he was born in our world as a female. The king then had two bodies at the same time, a male angel body in Heaven being resting, a female infant homo sepiens body in our world being active. Now She is the Christ. Is the king a male of female then? It does not matter really. Since we cannot see his male angel body which is in Heaven, we see her female body in the world, so I will refer Christ as a female. And I will use she and her to refer Christ through out this site.

So what is the game? It is a decision between choosing going forward or staying where you are, that is, a delimma for homo sepiens to go one step forward to become angels which live forever, or to staying being homo sepiens for a few thousand years and die. Yes, an angel does not come from nothing, angels come from homo sepiens. All angels were actully home sepiens before they were born in Heaven. This is why angels which are in Heaven care so much about our decisions for the future.

Angels come from homo sapiens, but not all homo sapiens can become angels. Heaven cares about us and wants to give us guidances by sending a Christ to our world to assist us making a correct decision in the future.

Shortly after World War Two Christ was born in our world as a female silently without notice by anyone, as was predicted by the apostles some two thousand years ago. When she was born, she did not know who she really was. When she grew up she would know naturally that she was the Christ. Not until that time did she start working as a Christ. She started to teach. She had taugh for many years. Many people have seen her. Some of them know who she was, some do not. You cannot find a religious organization which talks about her, because she never established any religious organization, nor did she cooperated with any of them. She did not need a organization to support her, because she alone was powerful enough to influence the world. To her, a religious organization is not useful.

She preached until ten years ago, which was roughly the year 2004, she died, shortly before her sixty. In fact, I did not know when she died. I had been thinking that she died but I was not sure about it. Just recently someone wrote me a email informing me that she died ten years ago. I then assume it was the year 2004. When I first meet her in Hong Kong she was about forty. I was lucky enough enough that I knew one of her disciple. One time I visted her disciple and saw her together with disciple.

Some ten years ago, she passed her writings to me, which were in web format, ie. html. I thought she finally decided to make use of the internet after several decades preaching face to face. I was not wise enough to understand her decision to talk to the world was actually her last words. Some time before she died, I had thought of asking her to make a video of herself, even a short hello video clip was enough for the world to see her and hear her voice. She then wrote to me that she was going to somewhere and she would contact as much as she could. And I never heard from her anymore for solid ten years. It was really my mistake that I did not asked her for a video clip.

She lived in Hong Kong for many years. You might wonder why Hong Kong was chosen not Jerusalem, New York or India. She said that because Hong Kong was such a special city and only city in the world in which she could meet people from all countries. She could preach the whole world in such a tiny city, saving her a lot of travelling issues. While she stayed in Hong Kong, she also spent one year in Taiwan and went back to Hong Kong. After Hong Kong, she move to England, then Spain, and finally the United States where she died.

Now that she is gone. She was no longer with us. Ten year ago when she died she just died. I mean she put her homo sapiens body aside. Her homo sapiens body did not accompany her when she went home. Only her soul went home. Her soul went back to Heaven and enter into her angel body which had been being taken cared by angels for nearly sixty years. His angel body started to stand up again. His tasks on Earth was completed. Now he together with the angels in Heaven are still helping us in the background. Now it is he not her anymore. Remember I said above that the angel body that the king of Heaven has is a male body.

Introduction should be kept short. Because she taugh me personally I know things which are not in her writings. I will tell you more, but not in this introduction. After you read her writings thoroughly you can go forward to read my comments and extras. Web pages are arranged as the following:

1. Introduction : i.e. this page, written by me as a prefix, telling you that Christ had came and departed.

2. Last words : written by Christ of this era shortly before her departure, who has a lot to say to the world.

3. Comments : will be written by me just in case you have difficulties understanding Christ's last words.

4. Extras : will be written by me so that you can know more about what she taugh beside those in the last words.


I know that the internet is not reliable. People do not believe a religious web site so easily, especially in the first glance. Time proves everything. The things which are revealed in this site will finally happen in your life time. You do not need to believe anything in this site. What you need to do is to read, understand and remember them. You will see them youself in the future. It is not too late for you to believe at that time. You will see scientists find another world through time travel by going to the west as said in Christ's last words. You will see televisions, newspapers luring you to migrate to that other world. Once you see that in the future it is not too late to believe.

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