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The modern reader is unable to accept the biblical account of creation because it seems to lack logic. Scriptures are often symbolic, for example, the six day creation related in Genesis is symbolic of the six eras during which Earth occupied the six outer orbits. The seventh day of rest refers to the period of equilibrium during Earth's occupation of the present orbit. God will recommence ˇ§workˇ¨ during excitation.

The description of creation is intended to convey the different stages of evolution from a formless planet to one which supporst "every herb bearing seed, every tree, every beast of Earth, every fowl of the air, everything which creepeth upon Earth, and man.ˇ¨!

In the early days of man's existence in this orbit, he is a uncomplicated creature without the ability to conceive of a world beyond his horizon, much less understand an account of creation which encompasses the entire solar system. The Bible is written with him in mind.

When man takes his first hesitant steps towards understanding his environment, he is unable to comprehend the sky, and the stars in the sky. He has no concept of atoms and nuclei. At that stage of man's development he has a very limited vocabulary and he thinks, not in sophisticated words, but in pictures.

His curiosity is not disturbed over profound matters, his questions relate to his immediate needs and they require simple explanations. He certainly wondered about rain, and the beautiful, lyrical explanation found in the scriptures were sufficient to satisfy his innocent curiosity . "There went up a mist from Earth and watered the whole face of the ground" Genesis 2.6 After some time in the third orbit from the Sun man's intellectual growth begins.

One man studies the movement of the stars and astronomy is born another man unearths the remains of a buried village and archaeology is born. A more complex picture of his environment emerges, quickening man's desire to look more deeply into his world. The invention of sophisticated instruments permits man to observe planetary bodies in visible light and the stars beckon! Soon man sets foot on the Moon, and when he accomplishes this, his sojourn in the third orbit is corning to its End.

Simple answers no longer satisfy his curiosity. It is time for Christ to walk with him and answer his questions. Modern man has outgrown scripture. His questions are profound and require scientific answers.

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